November 29, 2021


Utah Mesothelioma Lawyers

A rare yet deadly form of cancer, mesothelioma affects the lining of several of the body’s primary organs, including the lungs and abdomen.  The main cause of the disease is asbestos exposure, either by inhaling or ingesting the mineral fibers.

Asbestos FibersAsbestos has been used commercially since the late 1800s, due to its strong characteristics for resistance to heat and chemicals.  For decades, workers in a host of industries were exposed when asbestos-containing materials were cut, mixed, or sprayed, therefore releasing fibers into the air.  This exposure in the workplace is known as occupational exposure.  Another less common type of exposure is para-occupational exposure, which occurs when a worker’s family member or other is exposed to asbestos dust fibers from clothing or second-hand inhalation.  This usually involves smaller amounts of asbestos and is more difficult to diagnose, which makes it even more dangerous.  There are several industries across the state of Utah known to have a high risk of asbestos exposure, including mining facilities, power plants, oil and copper refineries, and other factories.

Asbestos in Utah Workplaces

Asbestos is a superb insulator and has excellent fire-resistant properties.  Before its health hazards were discovered and regulations were established to limit exposure, it was widely used in industrial facilities to insulate pipes, boilers, generators, and other machinery to prevent fires.  The following jobsites in Utah are known to have exposed workers to asbestos:

  • Big Sandwash Reservoir Hydro
  • Tremoline No. 1 Mine
  • Castle Gate/Carbon Power Plant
  • Ephraim City Hydro Plant No. 3
  • Heber Light and Power Company
  • Huntington Power Plant
  • Lagoon Cogeneration Facility
  • Murray Turbine
  • Nebo Power Station
  • Bloomington Power Plant
  • Desert Power LP
  • Gadsby Power Plant
  • Hunter Power Plant
  • Intermountain Power Plant
  • Millcreek Power Generation
  • Quail Creek Hydro Plant #1
  • Salt Lake City Refinery
  • North Salt Lake Refinery
  • Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery
  • Woods Cross Refinery

If you or a loved one worked in any of these jobsites or industries, you may be entitled to compensation and other benefits.  Contact one of our experienced mesothelioma lawyers in Utah at 1-877-LOSS RECOVER (1-877-567-7732).  We will provide an initial case evaluation free of charge.